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Support Materials

These downloadable materials are provided to support librarians, teachers, and students using Utah’s Online Library:

NEW! Utah's Online Library Activities
...are quick activities to help you utilize Utah's Online Library in your classroom.

NEW! Utah's Online Library Scavenger Hunt
...Discover the great resources that Utah's Online Library has to offer by completing this
scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt K-8 Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt 9-12 Scavenger Hunt

*Utah educators and librarians contact UEN using your school email address and we will send you the answers to this scavenger hunt.

Home Access Letter
...is a one-page letter for parents explaining how K-12  students can access the Utah's Online Library from home.

Home letter in P D F format Home Access Letter in Word format Click to Download File

Home letter in P D F format
Home Access Letter in Word format Click to Download File

Quick Reference
...is a one-page quick reference guide on which products you can use for a variety of topics.

Subject guide in P D F format Brochure in Word format Click to Download File

Search Tips
...is a one-page guide with some basic techniques on how to search Utah's Online Library and the Internet more effectively.

Search article in P D F format Click to Download File

Additional Library Resources
...is a one-page guide for what online library resources Utahns have access to at any K-12 school, public library, or college/university.

Utah Access in P D F Format Click to Download File

PowerPoint Presentation
...is a 11-slide presentation on the “what, who, where, and whys” of Utah's Online Library.

Click to Download File

Online Courses
...courses to receive a hands-on experience using the K-12 Utah's Online Library resources.

Web Master Resources
Feel free to copy the Utah's Online Library logo to use as a link on your school or organization’s web site.